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Board Oversight of Sustainability for Value Creation

“The high quality content (balanced mix of academia and business) delivered on a user-friendly platform coupled with live interactions with fellow board members is a transformative experience over 4 weeks. I come out of the program energized and better prepared to drive the necessary transformation that businesses need to deliver so that they provide value to all stakeholders including a more sustainable planet.”
“If you want to learn how to integrate sustainability into your company´s value creation, this is the online course to take. It´s interactive, global, online and gives you great insights alongside with ready-to-use tools.”
“From confusion and uncertainty to clarity and purpose”
“This program provides an invaluable cornerstone for the strategic work for any company that want to be longterm successful”
“The role as a board member is multifaceted and interdisciplinary. Your understanding and contribution in the boardroom will increase by sharing, learning and challenging your skills with other board professionals. In today’s integrated environment, this is best done in an international context of board professionals from different industries, geographies and cultures.”
“Warmly recommending this program to board members seeking to enhance their expertise in ESG, sustainability, and climate. The program’s up-to-date content, coupled with the reflection guide and webinar, provides an excellent learning platform. This is knowledge that the entire board should collectively acquire as a collegium.”
“The program proposes a structure to think about ESG issues, mainly focused on environmental aspects. It offers a large variety of podcasts making the learning process enjoyable. In top of that, it is very well documented, offering the possibility to deep dive on relevant aspects as well as giving access to fundamental documents.”
“A thorough, balanced and insightful eye-opener, paired with live discussions with amazing people. A must for any board chair and member of a modern company “

“Sustainability is a disruption that should bring innovation to live in a decarbonated world”
“A very valuable and comprehensive set of references and knowledge. I have now a few action points to better provide value and contribute to my boards.”

Certified Participants by April 2024

  • Anne Årneby

  • Kia Aejmelaeus

  • Jennie Ahrén

  • Claes Avasjo

  • Anna Belfrage

  • Francesco Burelli

  • Aija Bärlund

  • Marvin Cheung

  • Tom Cotter

  • Isabelle Coville

  • Philippe de Grivel

  • Mette Dobel

  • Susann Dutt

  • Liselotte Engstam

  • Magnus Forsbrand

  • Catherine Halpin

  • Paul Halpin

  • Anders Henningsson

  • Lars Husberg

  • Trond Iden

  • Steen Buchreitz Jensen

  • Jukka Nikkanen

  • Stig Ebert Nilssen

  • Jenni Raitavo 

  • Frederic Robert

  • Valerie Robert

  • Patricia Rodrigues

  • Kiuru Schalin

  • Cecilia Seddigh

  • Ingrid Stenmark

  • Bente Sollid Storehaug

  • Fernanda Torre

  • Galen Townson

  • Berna Ulman

  • Ceclia Widebäck West 

Complete the programme and get a Certification

The areas included for participants was to learn more about, and reflect on for themselves and their boards on:
> Board’s accountability, competence and effectiveness
> Board’s assessment of risk & opportunities with related strategy integration and transition plans
> Board’s actions on incentivization, reporting and disclosure
> Board’s ensurance of stakeholder exchanges.

The program included an interactive online platform with 24 Online Program Modules, 3 Quizz Tests, 4 Live Peer Exchanges, and a Personal Reflection and Intervention plan. The program followed the eight Climate Governance Principles from World Economic Forum and has been created by the Board Impact Forum and partners.

The certification includes a completion of the program and Approved reflection and intervention plans, the plans have been reviewed by Boards Impact Forum and the partners Scandinavian Executive Institute, Digoshen and Next Agents

The program accepts only for participants with a board mandate.

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