Join the Program on Responsible AI for Boards – Online & virtual program with 5 live sessions

Elevate your Board Leadership with AI Insights 
In today’s rapidly changing world, ambitious and knowledgeable board members are more crucial than ever. As a board director, you have the power to drive the integration of AI to solve critical business and societal challenges, paving the way for a sustainable future. Our highly recommended, research-based program is designed to equip you with advanced and up-to-date skills to effectively guide and supervise AI initiatives, while also establishing a supportive board network.

Exclusive for Board Members
This program is specifically tailored for ambitous Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) and board memebrs, ensuring that all content is directly relevant to board-level guidance and governance and decision-making. By board members, for board members, this program guarantees a focused and enriching experience.

Based on Research from Leading Institutions and Practicing Board Directors
Our curriculum is based on the “AI Leadership for Boards” research in collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology, Stockholm School of Economics, Digoshen, Next Agents with Combient and selected Wallenberg companies, and reviewed by MIT CISL and INSEAD. It additionally aligns with the World Economic Forum Governance Principles and is enhanced with dedicated sections on Sustainability and AI. 

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What You’ll Gain

Comprehensive Curriculum tailored for busy Board Directors
– Interactive Platform with 6 sections including 26 Online Modules:  Covering essential AI foundations, strategic integration, operational excellence, sustainable AI, robust governance, and oversight.
– 5 Virtual Webinars and Peer Exchanges: Engage with peers and experts in interactive sessions.
– AI-Powered Simulations: Experience boardroom scenarios to apply AI concepts in real-time.
– Hands-On GenAI Experiences: Practical, cutting-edge AI applications.
– Certified Participants offered to join Board Alumni Network
Continually Updated Material
Stay ahead with material that is continuously updated and fresh, ensuring you have the latest insights and strategies in AI leadership.
Earn a prestigious certificate from the Boards Impact Forum, Digoshen, and Next Agents after completing the program and the detailed review of your Personal Reflection & Intervention Plan. 

Value of a Nordic and International Board Peer Network
Benefit from the unique value of a Nordic and international board peer network. Connect with fellow board members, exchange insights, and build relationships that extend beyond the program. Certified Participants offered to join Board Alumni Network

Quotes from Previous Participants

Excellent networking, renowned teachers and practitioners, friendly platform, all connected to the most recent business challenges. Highly recommended 100%.”

The Boards Impact Forum ‘Board oversight of responsible AI for value creation’ is a must

A comprehensive insight into the Board’s role in AI.

This program helps kickstart the adoption of AI as a playground for the board. It guides you in finding your own way to embrace the challenge with humility, even if you’re not a technology expert. A great wake-up call!

Read more about the trailblazing certified board directors from previous
cohorts in the Board Programs on Responsible AI and here, and in Sustainability

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Interactive Learning Platform
Access an engaging online platform featuring modules, quizzes, a reflection plan, and AI-based boardroom simulations. Participate in 5 live peer exchanges and receive tailored feedback from experienced board professionals.

Who Should Attend
This exclusive program is for board directors only, ensuring a focused, relevant, and enriching experience that aligns closely with the strategic needs and challenges of boardroom leadership.

Important Dates:
Registration Deadline & Start Date: August 12, 2024 – Online Platform Opens
– Program Conclusion and Certification: October 11, 2024 
Program Fee: 19,900 SEK + VAT (approx. 1,700€) – 10% discount for Boards Impact Forum Members (email for a code), with signup before August 7.

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6 sections included with 26 online modules

The modules includes frameworks, videos, articles and key questions for own reflection, as well as voluntary deep dives

1 . AI Essentials for Boards: Mastering the Foundation and Industry Impact

2. Strategic Integration: Aligning Business Strategy with AI for Transformative Impact

3. Guiding Operational Excellence in AI: Data Governance, Innovation, and Ecosystem Synergy

4. Sustainable AI: Dual Impact Initiatives for a Sustainable Future

5. Supervising Robust AI Governance: Overseeing Risks, Cybersecurity, and Ecosystem Compliance

6. Elevating Oversight: Progress Monitoring and Cultivating Board-Level AI Leadership

5 Included virtual peer-exchange sessions

15th of August, 8:00 to 9:30 CET
Guest speakers:
  • Mats Agervi, CEO Combient, repr 38 large Nordic Co and NED Stram Collegial, Streamanalys, Combient MIx
  • Liselotte Engstam,, Chair and NED, Chair Boards Impact Forum
  • Fernanda Torre, Board Members, Operations Director Boards Impact Forum
29th of August, 8:00 to 9:30 CET
Guest speakers:
  • Anna Mossberg, NED Swisscom, Volvo Cars, Orcla, Ringier, Swedbank
  • Toumas Syrjänen, CEO Futurice, NED Taaleri, With Secure et al
10th of September, 8:00 to 9:30 CET
Guest speakers:
  • Professor Robin Tegiland, Chalmers University & NED LFV, Ocean Data Factory
  • Scott Newton, NED Strategy Tools et al, CEO Thinking Dimensions
25th of September, 8:00 to 9:30 PM CET
Guest speakers:

Martin Althen, President Securitas Digital and NED Garo

Ana Cernat, NED  Vice Chair National Bank of Greece, NED Tirana Bank and Blik Romania

10th of October, 8:00 to 9:30 CET
Guest speakers:
  • Anne Årneby, Chair Amido & NED Svenska Spel, A Society et al
  • Steen Buchreitz Jensen, Scandinavian Executive Institute, Board Member BIF

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Quotes from the book

“I recommend this book for every board chair. Corporate boards have to make sure their companies embrace ai and other digital technologies, yet many directors do not have the background or tools to address this challenge. This book provides a practical framework for boards to do just that.”

Professor Stanislav Shekshnia, Co-director ‘Leading from the chair’ INSEAD Executive Development Program, Co-author Leading a Board: Chairs’ Practices across Europe

“Digital transformation is on every board’s agenda. This book adds a new perspective to the discussion, by providing corporate governance inspiration from thought leaders and an easy-to-apply framework for the role of the board in guiding and supervising AI.”

Fennemiek Gommer, Chair and Non-Executive Director at multiple companies across Europe, Innovation Partner Caracta

“Boards are being asked to step up and address the challenges digitization, including ai, pose for their enterprises. This book offers an easy-to-follow framework that generates discussion on a board level around digitization and the board’s responsibilities to govern ai at both the firm and ecosystem levels. A great tool to drive change where it’s most needed: at the board level!”

Stephanie L. Woerner, Research Scientist & Academic Director, MIT Center for Information Systems Research. Co-author What’s Your Digital Business Model (Harvard Business Review)“

Learning platform with 26 lessons,

quizzes, reflection & intervention plan
AI-based boardroom simulations & certification

Board-specific and very recent content

In the online learning platform, you will find only recent content, such as reports, articles, and tools. All content is very recent and built specifically for boards.

Videos and digital content

All lessons in the learning platform have relevant videos and digital content such as infographics and games.

Reflection plan

Each participant will have the opportunity to build a reflection plan, leading to specific interventions to be implemented at board level. On the final session we will address and give feedback to all submitted action plans.

From NEDs to NEDs

This exclusive program is tailored specifically for board directors, ensuring that its content, led by experienced board professionals, is directly relevant and applicable to board-level governance. By restricting attendance to board members only, we guarantee a focused and enriching experience that aligns closely with the strategic needs and challenges unique to boardroom leadership.

Feedback exchange with experienced Board professionals
– for full program participants only

Quotes from the book

This book is a well-researched, thought-through and excellent guide for directors, chairmen, whole boards, and governance experts. It is very practical and pragmatic and demystifies a topic that many directors find daunting at best and incomprehensible at worst. (…) Wholesale reskilling of the workforce will be a key imperative that boards must address as it cuts to sustainability not only of the organisation but society as a whole. AI can and will be a true force for good if its potential and complexities are embraced by boards of directors who will set the tone from the top.”

Helen Pitcher OBE, Previous President of INSEAD Directors Network (IDN); Chairman of Criminal Cases Review Commission, Chairman Advanced Boardroom Excellence, Senior Independent Director One Health Group Ltd, Non-executive Director and Remuneration Chair of United Biscuits and C&C Group plc, President of KidsOut and Advisory Board Member of the Public Chairs Forum and Ministry of Justice Support Services.)