Certification from “Boards Oversight of Responsible AI for Value Creation” from Q2 2024

Certification from Program

We are delighted to announce the Certification from the Program “Boards Oversight of Responsible AI for Value Creation” of the following ambitious board members

  • Claes Avasjö

  • Ana Cernat

  • Tom Cotter

  • Mette Dobel

  • Paul Halpin

  • Harri-Pekka Kaukkonen

  • Scott Newton

  • Valerie Robert

  • Kiuru Schalin

  • Ceclia Seddigh

The curriculum specifically tailored for ambitious Board Directors, is based on the academic research “AI Leadership for Boards” and aligned to the World Economic Forum Governance Principles. The program includes an Interactive Platform with 26 Online Modules, 5 Virtual Webinars and Peer Exchanges, AI-Powered boardroom Simulations, Hands-On GenAI Experiences, Certification and offer to join the Board Alumni Network.

Reflection is done of both the participants own capabilities as well as the board(s) capabilities within the Responsible AI areas in 
AI Essentials for Boards: Mastering the Foundation and Industry Impact
Strategic Integration: Aligning Business Strategy with AI for Transformative Impact
Guiding Operational Excellence in AI: Data Governance, Innovation, and Ecosystem Synergy
Sustainable AI: Dual Impact Initiatives for a Sustainable Future
Supervising Robust AI Governance: Overseeing Risks, Cybersecurity, and Ecosystem Compliance
Elevating Oversight: Progress Monitoring and Cultivating Board-Level AI Leadership

The certification is reviewed and confirmed by Boards Impact Forum , the Nordic Chapter of Climate Governance Initiative in collaboration with World Economic Forum ,  and its partners Scandinavian Executive InstituteDigoshen and Next Agents, and certifies that the participant has engaged in a significant part of the program, achieved the tests and developed a personal reflection and intervention plan with at least five interventions for its board(s).

Some of the quotes from our participants;

“Excellent networking, renowned teachers and practitioners, friendly platform, all connected to the most recent business challenges. Highly recommended 100%.”

“The Boards Impact Forum ‘Board oversight of responsible AI for value creation’ is a must for all Board members.”

“This program helps kickstart the adoption of AI as a playground for the board. It guides you in finding your own way to embrace the challenge with humility, even if you’re not a technology expert. A great wake-up call!”

“A comprehensive insight into the Board’s role in AI.”

Join us in Congratulating the certified trailblazers and draw on their experience and network.

Read more about the program and register your interest to secure a spot in the next cohort early autumn here. 

We will share additional certifications shortly.

To ensure continued Life-Long Learning Boards Impact forum is facilitating an Alumni group of the Certified Board Members, and encouraging our participants to explore further deep dive programs with our partners Scandinavian Executive Institute – Danmark, INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre , Boardman OyStyrelsekraft – Women on Boards Directors’​ Institute Finland Styrelseakademien Danmark Board Network – The Danish Professional Directors Association  Norsk Institutt for Styremedlemmer / Styreinstituttet / Norwegian Institute of Directors INSEAD Nordic In-Board Academy .

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