Board Leadership Reimagined – Steering Companies Towards a Sustainable and Collaborative Future

Companies and boards need to reinvent themselves and play a positive role in creating a better future by embracing sustainability, inspiring people with a vision of transformation, and collaborating globally to solve global problems.

Companies and boards are at a pivotal juncture where they must fundamentally transform to actively contribute to a brighter future. This necessitates a profound reimagining of their roles, viewing sustainability not just as a mandate but as a golden opportunity for innovation and growth. In an era marked by digital upheaval and geopolitical shifts, it is imperative for leaders to go beyond traditional planning and actively inspire their teams and stakeholders with a compelling vision for transformation.

Listen to Chair Siemens, Northvolt et al, Boards Impact Forums Strategic Adviroy Board Member Jim Hageman Snabe:

he responsibility of the board is magnified in these times of significant change, requiring a dynamic approach to governance that accelerates progress and kindles a collective aspiration for a better tomorrow. This involves championing digital transformation initiatives that are aligned with sustainable practices, ensuring that the company not only adapts to the new landscape but thrives within it.

Moreover, with the world facing unprecedented global challenges, it is crucial for businesses to step up as global leaders, fostering collaborations across borders and sectors to address these issues head-on. The greatest challenge for boards today is navigating this complex process of reinvention, ensuring their companies remain relevant, resilient, and ready to contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future.

Upcoming Board Webinar and Peer Exchanges 

Join us on April 30th, from 8:00 to 9:30 CET, for a forward-looking webinar and peer exchange titled “Shaping Tomorrow: AI & Sustainability in Strategic Boardroom Agendas.” This session promises to explore the pivotal role of artificial intelligence (AI) in revolutionizing business landscapes, from enhancing operational models to reshaping talent management and embedding sustainable practices at the core of business strategies. Highlighting a standout case where AI slashed sales bid response times from 40 days to just one, we’ll illustrate AI’s potential to boost efficiency and embed sustainability, fostering a competitive and environmentally conscious business ethos.

Dive into the future of corporate governance with the Boards Impact Forum’s webinar and peer exchange, “Boards’ Dynamic Capabilities: Developing Board Practices that Impact Corporate Renewal and Performance,” on May 29 from 5 to 6:30 CET. Explore groundbreaking research on how boards can harness Sensing, Pivoting, and Aligning to navigate today’s volatile business environment, drive innovation, and integrate sustainability and AI into their strategic frameworks. Join thought leaders like Professor Emeritus Ludo van der Heyden of INSEAD, Professor Mats Magnusson of the Royal Institute of Technology, and David Koenig, CEO DCRO Institute and Board Member, for an engaging session filled with academic insights and actionable strategies for enhancing board effectiveness and guiding businesses towards a sustainable future. 

And for the Boards Oversight of Responsible AI Program participants – some exciting webinars including

Innovations, Sustainability and AI for Boards with Prof Robin Teigland and NED Scott Newton

and including Risk of AI and Cybersecurity with Martin Althen and Prof Keri Pearlson.

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Join the micro learning course Climate in the Boardroom

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