Shaping Tomorrow: AI & Sustainability in Strategic Boardroom Agendas

Webinar & Peer Exchange, 30th of April 8:00-9:30 CET

In this webinar and peer exchange we will delve into the transformative role of artificial intelligence (AI) within key facets of business—highlighting industry evolution, refining operating models, redefining market positioning, enhancing offerings, and reshaping talent strategies. Central to this session are hands-on demonstrations and real-world case studies, meticulously chosen to display the profound impact AI can have on business transformation.

A particularly compelling case we will examine demonstrates how AI can dramatically reduce sales bid response times from a lengthy 40 days to a mere single day, while also embedding sustainability practices into core business operations. This not only showcases AI’s capacity to elevate efficiency and competitive edge but also underscores its role in fostering sustainable business growth.

Our webinar aims to provide board members with comprehensive insights into leveraging AI for strategic revitalization, ensuring that boardroom discussions are not only future-oriented but also conscientiously aligned with advancing technological frontiers and the imperative for sustainability, including climate action. This event is specifically designed to navigate the intricacies of AI in the business context, arming participants with actionable knowledge and strategies for immediate application in board discussions.

Key questions to be discussed:

1. “How is AI impacting our industry, operations, and talent strategy, and how is this addressed in board discussions?”

  1. 2. “How do AI and sustainability enhance our competitive edge, and how do we align these strategies at the board level?”

3. “What AI and sustainability questions can we expect from investors, and how should we respond?”

By participating in this webinar, board members will gain a deeper understanding of AI’s strategic significance and its potential to drive both innovation and sustainability, preparing them to lead their organizations effectively into the future.

The presenter is Tuomas Syrjänen, CEO of Futurice and NED at Taaleri, Vaisala, WithSecure, and Flow Technologies

Panel with Aija Bärlund, Boardman partner, Chair of the Boardman Sustainability Forum

Additional Board Members will be added to the panel

Facilitated by Boards Impact Forums Chair Liselotte Engstam and Operations Director Fernanda Torre, both also co-authors of AI Leadership for Boards.


  • Introduction
  • Presentation including demonstrations and use cases by Tuomas Syrjänen
  • Poll and Breakout room Discussions
  • Feedback and Panel Discussion
  • Conclusion and Next

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