Bringing up climate action at work and in the boardroom.

Bringing up climate action at work and in the boardroom.

Sometimes the dilemma is that Climate Action and Sustainability are not at all at the agenda. 

Sometimes it falls under the category – yes but it isnt important for our business.  

Sometimes its about the lack of thinking in time horizons, what till impact tomorrow if we dont change today.

Find some examples oh how to you bring climate action (back) up on the agenda for #Boards and #Leadership teams. Questions and inspirational stories are important vehicles. 

  • How many of our major customers have committed to Science Base Targets and what happens if we don’t? how much revenue is at risk? 
  • For our next discussion with lenders – how much will our terms be impacted and what might that mean for us financially? How much cost increase is at risk?
  • What investors we like to attract will no longer be able to invest in us if our ESG transition plan including climate is not clear? How might that impact our share price?  
  • What good examples do we see with customers and competitors? What new sustainability focused offerings will make us more unique in the market? How might that impact our customers and our revenue?
  • Do we find it increasingly harder to attract the best talent? How might that impact our talent pool and our cost base?
  • Do we understand what it means to encourage givers? Are we building a culture of givers? What might that mean for the sustainability of our business?  
  • Are we driving business in a responsible way? How might our board and leadership passion change if we are clearer in linking our purpose to a force for good agenda? How might that impact our engagement and sustainability of our leadership and our business?

Find some inspiration

What chairs can be referenced driving the agenda? See this video of our Strategic Advisory Board Member Chair of Siemens, Nortvolt and Boardmember at WEF and 3CAI Jim Hageman Snabe. Who are your heroes?

And s related blogpost by Jim Snabe where he encourages Reinvention of Everything  

Find some more examples on how to bring climate action up at work

Read the ESG guide for Board and Management produced by Boardman Oy and partners under the co-leadership of our Board Member Aija Bärlund.

Some inspiration on “How to get better at the thing you care about” by Eduardo Brieceno, a tips shared by Boards Impact Forum Board Member Bente Landsnes, a true inspiration herself 

Are you avoiding the difficult conversations by Kathy Kiernan 

Inspiration on how you can encourage a giver culture in your business by Adam Grant, and how it contributes to your bottom line and more.  

Find some Sustainability cases being published by Climate Governance Initiative to learn som stories from

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