Welcoming Professor Andreas Rasche

We are delighted to welcome Professor Andreas Rasche, Professor and Associate Dean, Copenhagen Business School,
joining Boards Impact Forums Academic Advisory Board.

Professor Andreas Rasche is truly engaged in understanding how Corporate Governance can help the progress of sustainability and climate action. You can learn more about Professor Rasche and his research here

You have the opportunity to listen to Professor Andreas Rasche on our upcoming webinar and peer exchange on January 9 at 8-9.30 on the topic of Boards Competence, Role and Processes to ensure how Sustainability and Climate Action becomes integrated into Business Strategy.

Read more and sign up to the webinar here

You can also join the full certification program on Boards Oversight of Sustainability for Value Creation starting January 9

All arranged by Boards Impact Forum in collaboration with World Economic Forum (Non Profit Board Network partnering with Board Networks , INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre and Nordic INSEAD IN-Board Academy)  

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