Online Learning Journey
for Board Members on
Sustainability, ESG & Climate Change

To learn more about Sustainability, ESG and Climate change for Board Members, we invite you to follow our 2023 Online Program, starting next time Aug 1 – Aug 24 as a Digital Calendar with daily Insights and use the related reflection guide.

The areas your will learn more about, and reflect on for yourself and your boards are 
Board’s accountability, competence and effectiveness
Board’s assessment of risk & opportunities with related strategy integration and transition plans

Board’s actions on incentivization, reporting and disclosure 
Board’s ensurance of stakeholder exchanges 

The program follows the eight Climate Governance Principles from World Economic Forum.

Find the

> Board Members Sustainability Learning as a Digital Calendar

> Supporting reflection Guide with questions and deep dives.

Welcome to also follow >> Boards Impact Forum at Linkedin, for additional insights.