Show Membership at LinkedIN

Some Boards Impact Forum Members have expressed that they would like to list their membership on their LinkedIn profile page.

If you would like to add Boards Impact Forum membership to your LinkedIn profile page publicly, please follow these steps:

  • Whilst on your profile page, click on ‘Add profile section’ to the right of your profile photo
  • Scroll down that menu and click on ‘Accomplishments’
  • Click the plus icon next to ‘Organizations’
  • In ‘Name’, type ‘Boards Impact Forum”
  • In ‘Position held’, type ‘Member’
  • Tick the ‘Membership ongoing’ box
  • Enter the month and year that your Boards Impact Forum started
  • In the Description box add >
    Boards Impact Forum is a Membership Forum for Nordic and International Board Directors Learning and Exchanging Insights to accelerate Climate Transition and Sustainability from the board level, to increase value creation and a more sustainable business and world.
  • Click ‘Save’