Digital Guardianship: Enhancing Board-Level Oversight for Cyber Resilience, Webinar & Exchange Jan 23 3:30-5 PM CET

Webinar & Peer Exchange on Cyber Resilience

Our business impacting sustainability challenges are interconnected. The energy transition required for net zero targets includes increasing dependence on additional infrastructures and sensors with higher cyberattack risk.

Approximately 2,200 cyber attacks occur each day, on average one cyber attack every 39 seconds. Cybercrime is expected to cost 7.3Trillion Euro in 2023….

There is no organization that is safe from cyber-attacks in today’s digital age. A breach of cybersecurity can lead to reputational damage, financial loss, and legal repercussions. Making a business digital resilient is not just a security issue but a key factor in business sustainability.

With 73% of Boards now prioritizing cybersecurity, the role of Board members in cyber risk management is more prominent than ever.However, this is the area that boards find most challenging of all areas to oversee, and 59% has to bring in external advisors. 

How can we as boards, find a better way to navigating the complex landscape of digital threats and opportunities and to assess and monitor cyber resilience? 

Welcome to a webinar and peer exchange on Digital Guardianship: Enhancing Board-Level Oversight for Cyber Resilience, with both academia and experienced professional board members

The event is organised by Boards Impact Forum, together with MIT Sloan and ILA (The Board Directors Institute in Luxembourg-Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs)

Survey Request: 

Prior to the webinar, we invite you to participate in a brief academic survey by Boards Impact Forum in collaboration with MIT Sloan, ILA (The Board Directors Institute in Luxembourg-Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs) and Digoshen, on the topic of Boards Oversight of Cyber Resilience. Your responses will provide crucial insights and shape the content of our discussions. The aggregated results will be shared during the webinar, offering a unique perspective on how boards are approaching these challenges. The results will later also be summarized in an article. 

Please share your insights asap, all information is confidential and the survey takes around 10 min, Survey Link; Survey Deadline Jan 19.

Presenters and Panelists; 

Executive Director, Dr. & NED Board Member Keri Pearlson, MIT Sloan

Professional Chair and NED Board Member Bente Sollid Storehaug

Professional Chair and NED Board Member Jan Wäreby

President Securitas and NED Martin Althen

Bios below, and more professional Board Members to be announced. 

Facilitated by 

Liselotte Engstam, Chair Boards Impact Forum, Board Member of Climate Governance Initiative and Chair and NED of Listed and Private companies.

The webinar is open to participants with a Board Mandate.


  • Insights on Boards Cyber Resilience Oversight by Professor Keri Pearlson
  • Perspectives by professional board members
  • Peer Exchanges amongst participating board members
  • Feedback and comments from panelists.

Bios of Presenters and Panelists:

Keri Pearlson 

Dr. Keri Pearlson is a globally recognized tech executive, entrepreneur, and cybersecurity thought leader known for her work in leading digital transformation, building security culture, governing cybersecurity at the board of directors level, and creating cybersecurity resilience. 

She has deep technical competence and extensive industry experience spanning academia, Fortune 500 companies, startups, and SMEs. 

As the Executive Director of the Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan research consortium, Dr. Pearlson redefined cybersecurity governance through her research and publication of articles in Harvard Business Review and other outlets. She has also founded three entrepreneurial ventures in the tech space and, today she serves on the Board of Directors for several governing boards including Barracuda Networks, TMF Health Quality Institute, ZenPrivata and numerous non-profit and industry associations.  Dr. Pearlson is a thought leader at the intersection of the strategy, security, technology and organizational design.

Bente Sollid Storehaug

NED and advisor. 
Chair Placewise Group and Ocean Visioneering. 

NED at Polaris Media, Europris, Motorgruppen, Nortel, Lumi Group, Questback, Increo and Orgbrain. 

Founder and over 10 years as CEO of the now listed company Bouvet. Lecturer at BI.

Jan Wäreby

Chair and NED  
Chair RISE Research Institute of Sweden

NED EKN, Tobii, KebNi, Agapi Boating

International Executive experience from companies like Ericsson and Sony Ericsson.

Martin Athen

President Securitas Digital,

NED Board Member at Garo AB 

Background from CIO roles at Securitas and Husqvarna and various positions at Astra Zeneca, PA Consulting Group and Deloitte. 

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The areas your will learn more about, and reflect on for yourself and your boards are 
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Board’s actions on incentivization, reporting and disclosure 
Board’s ensurance of stakeholder exchanges 

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