Shaping Tomorrow: AI & Sustainability in Corporate Boardroom Strategies

Since the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI), we have seen a rapid evolution in workflow and information management. However, mastering the navigation of these transformative currents can be tricky. Harnessing the potential of AI is essential for steering businesses towards a future defined by innovation, adaptability, and sustainability.

To get more insights, the Boards Impact Forum convened a compelling discussion featuring Tuomas Syrjänen, CEO of Futurice, and Non-Executive Director (NED) at Taaleri, Vaisala, WithSecure, and Flow Technologies. Joining him was Aija Bärlund of  Boardman, and Chair of the Boardman Sustainability Forum. Together, they delved into the profound opportunities afforded by AI, not only for enhancing organizational efficacy but also for addressing pressing global challenges such as climate change.

Tuomas Syrjänen provided a comprehensive overview of AI’s transformative impact AI can have within the organization of a company. From streamlining legal processes to enhancing data research capabilities, AI has been instrumental in driving operational efficiencies. Nevertheless, Syrjänen emphasized the indispensable role of human involvement in leveraging these technological tools. He underscored that AI serves as a facilitator, augmenting human potential rather than supplanting it. Emphasizing a phased approach, he articulated the importance of initially fortifying existing operational models before progressively embracing systemic change to gain a competitive edge and foster strategic renewal.

Building upon Syrjänen’s insights, Aija Bärlund elaborated on how AI fosters business growth by alleviating mundane tasks, nurturing creativity, and enabling deeper interpersonal understanding through translation and communication enhancements. However, she also highlighted emerging challenges, such as job displacement, discussions within boardrooms regarding AI implementation, policy formulation, and workforce training. Bärlund advocated for proactive consideration of ethical standards, operational risks, and opportunities inherent in AI-driven initiatives. Furthermore, she emphasized the imperative for corporate boards to engage in dialogue concerning community outreach initiatives aligned with long-term social impact objectives and the imperative of combatting climate change.

In conclusion, the integration of AI into strategic boardroom agendas heralds a transformative era of innovation and sustainability. By embracing AI as a facilitator of human ingenuity and steward of corporate responsibility, businesses can navigate the complexities of tomorrow’s landscape with resilience and purpose.

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The Webinar was hosted by Boards Impact Forum the 30th of April 08:00-09:30 AM CET and was facilitated by Boards Impact Forums Chair Liselotte Engstam, Operations Director Fernanda Torre, and Operations team Elvin Kandell.

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