Success across Generations: Leading Family Business Boards with Sustainable


May 27


12:00 pm - 01:00 pm

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Success across Generations: Leading Family Business Boards with Sustainable Impact

Family firms account for a majority of global companies, they provide 70% of the global GDP and 60% of global employment. They are a key driver of global business and growth, so their sustained innovation and long-term value creation are important drivers of the global economy as well as a sustainable world.

However, long-term success of family firms is not given, and it is definitely not an easy task to succeed across multiple generations. There are many complexities involved when ownership, management and family roles tend to overlap with less clear distinctions between them and with multiple, conflicting agendas.

Family business boards can play an instrumental role aligning family businesses successfully for the future but it can be a balancing act for non-family board members/ chairs in particular navigating the complex landscape of legacy, interests, power and the constant need for change and renewal.

Non-executive directors can also be instrumental in engaging family business boardrooms on the complexity, potential risks and opportunities of climate change.

The webinar will focus on how to successfully develop and manage family business boards as vehicles for successful governance and leadership with impact across generations. Serving on a family business board is a curated balance between the past, present and future, and it involves dedicated involvement from the board, the family and multiple stakeholders.

Martin Roll, Senior Advisor to Fortune 100, Asian Firms, Family Businesses & Family Offices, and INSEAD Distinguished Fellow, will share an overview of the topic of family board professionalization and governance, and the instrumental role of non-executive directors.

A moderated discussion with an experienced panel will follow with the presenter and

• Peter Ahlström, Board Member Ahlstrom Capital Holding Companies

• Lena Hofsberger, Chair Ambea, Leos Lekland, Pharma Relations, NED Max Burgers

The panel will be moderated by Liselotte Engstam, IDP-C, Boards Impact Forum Chair.

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