The heart of the Matter: Inspiring Climate Action through Culture and Art

Boards Impact Forum is one of the Chapters supporting the event “The Heart of the Matter: Inspiring Climate Action Through Culture and Art” taking place on the 22 March at 15:00 CET, an event part of the Climate Governance Initiative Global Summit.

The climate agenda is not only a technical agenda, but a human agenda: however compelling the business or science-based case for climate action, at its core, all decision-making is influenced by a mix of rational and emotional drivers – whether basic daily decisions, or strategic and public policy ones. Inspiring people to embrace change on a scale and at a pace never before experienced will require pulling all available levers to transform culture and behaviours.

This panel will, through a combination of performance clips and discussion, explore the following: Art as catalyst: Beyond data, plans and reports, what does the climate crisis look like, feel like and sound like? How does Art trigger the cultural transformation of individuals and societies? Engaging the whole person in decision making: How does the emotional connection to climate issues shape perceptions and priorities? How does this translate into values-driven business and policy decisions? Implications for boardroom culture: How can boards shape a cultural transformation in the boardroom and through the entire organisation?


Remarks by Leslie Maasdorp, Chief Financial Officer, New Development Bank

Lera Auerbach – Composer, Artist, Poet, Thought Leader, WEF Young Global Leader

Leon Botstein – Global Board Member, Open Society Foundations; Chairperson of the Board, Central European University; President, Bard College

Cristina Vollmer de Burelli – Founder, SOS Orinoco; Founding Co-Chair, The Global Leaders Program; Founding Executive Director V5 Initiative

Olafur Eliasson – Artist; Thought Leader; UN Goodwill Ambassador on climate action; WEF Young Global Leader

Miranda Massie – Director, The Climate Museum Moderator: Katya Gorbatiouk – Board Member, The Global Leaders Program; Trustee, London Music Fund; Advisory Council, London Symphony Orchestra

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